My name is Michelle Grigsby.  I have been a single, happy-go-lucky gal who was (at least what I considered) a work-out freak for 38 years.  I have belonged to gyms my whole life, have a huge collection of home video workout tapes, have trained and been in a marathon, sprint triathalon and have dabbled a little in yoga.  I have been relatively happy with my weight because I worked out all the time.  I would go through different stages of eating habits...none which have been too over-the-edge. 

I got married August 2, 2008 at my ideal weight of 150 pounds. I am a tad over 5'9" and I was happy with that weight, as long as i didn't gain any more.  As of last week, I weighed in at 165! Some people may think that is not much but keep in mind that I have always been physically active. I rode my bike like a demon last summer and i never went a couple days without a good, hard workout. I joined 24-hour fitness and started a weight lifting regimine followed with a half hour on the elliptical. Then i started doing the cardio kick-boxing and zumba classes....my heart monitor told my i was burning tons of calories...so why was my weight still creeping up?

Well, here are a few reasons why I think I have gained weight:
1.  I got married -- I heard that when people get married, they gain weight.  Why?!?  In my case I started making meals for the family instead of munching and grazing whenever I was hungry.  My choices of meals aren't all that healthy, either.  I have two (wonderful) stepkids that are incredibly finicky.  I have yet to find a meal that is healthy and lowfat that they will eat.  My stepkids, bless their hearts, are not big vegetable eaters AT ALL...I about passed out when my stepson ordered vegetable lo mein to his chinese order, even though I don't think it's still very healthy with the oil-laden noodles...(but I digress).

Also, (bless his heart), my husband loves to eat sweets.  He would prefer to graze all day, as well... except his choice would be vanilla wafers, cookies, anything sweet/chocolatey....things that I tend to eat because i see them.  But, lucky for him, my husband has been blessed with a high metabolism and is as thin as a toothpick (with muscles....he looks good).  All he has to do  is go for a good run and eat healthy for a couple days and he's down 4 pounds. Now I have learned that he is completely opposite of me - he can eat carbs and actually should which is opposite from me (protein craver).

2.  I turned 40.  Now I'm not blaming my age but let me just tell you, i feel like I've hit a wall.  I feel like don't have nearly the energy I used to.  I need to take more naps and if I don't get my 8 hours of sleep, I feel like I'm in a daze and can't function.  At my last annual exam, the nurse practitioner didn't act surprised at all about my weight gain, saying she sees this alot in women my age!  As if! 

3.  I started drinking those Sonic Route44 drinks - diet coke with cherry juice and lime juice (easy ice...lol).  I don't know WHY but I started ordering them everyday.  When my weight started creeping up, my husband and I tried to pinpoint other things that may have contributed to it...besides the sweets that are in the house, I determined this to be a big one and quit buying them.

4. I have a voracious appetite. After reading these online books I purchased and took my metabolic-type test, I have learned that I'm a protein craver which means I need heavier,solid food to satisfy. And because I eat sugars and sweets, I "crash and crave" them even more which turns me into the cookie monster!

I know there are two things I am going to need to do:
1.  Have a GOOD consistent workout regimen.
2.  Develop better eating habits.

I have officially signed up for the BuffMother "Sexy in 70 days" contest which started on Monday, April 5, 2010. She is an amazing inspiration to me and many others! This will inspire me to get serious about getting into better shape and lose the pounds that have crept up in the last 1 1/2 years. To learn more about this contest, ,go to www.blog.buffmother.com/2617/yes-our-new-contest-sexy-in-70/

Basically what this means is I am committed to working out everyday for 6 days with one day off. We are talking quick, ,short workouts here. Besides BuffMother, I have to give credit to Zuzana Light of bodyrock.tv for the workouts i'm doing. She has some INTENSE but quick workout videos on her website for free that i'm doing.

Also, I've purchased and read a series of mini-books called "The Diet Solution" which helped me learn what my metaboic type is (protein craver) and the best foods/meals for me. We are talking about 5 small meals throughout the day (or more like 3 small meals and two snacks). The key is to never allow mysyelf to get "hungry" which means my body will be a fat burning furnace all day. Woot! I will be incorporating that into my daily journey, as well.

Throughout this whole process, I'm going to be posting my daily workout regimen, my daily eating journal, and every once in a while, my weight and measurements. I've learned alot and am excited to "put it to the test". To learn more about what I'm talking about, simply click on my "Daily Workout Page" and my "Into My Tummy" page. I am excited to utilize this blog to track everything. It holds me accountable...knowing i need to stay on top of it. And, it's kind of therapeutic.....i like it.