I've purchased and read a series of mini-books called "The Diet Solution" which helped me learn what my metabolic type is (protein craver) and the best foods/meals for me. We are talking about 5 small meals throughout the day (or more like 3 small meals and two snacks). The key is to never allow mysyelf to get "hungry" which means my body will be a fat burning furnace all day. Woot! I will be incorporating that into my daily journey, as well.

Okay, so i took this special test called "Metabolic Typing Test" and it told me that I need more Protein than Carbs to feel satisfied. So now i need to be sure to eat a certain combination of foods that entail more proteins than carbs. I have a food journal and I am going to log every single thing I eat, keeping in mind the proper combinations. Also, I am going to report how i feel, about 1 or 2 hours afterwards. This is very important as I get to know my own body and what i need (unlike my husband who is completely opposite from me). I am to eat several small meals throughout the day so I will hopefully not go more than 3 hours before eating something else. We'll see!

I love this site I found! I have learned a TON from their books to the point I almost feel like an expert (which is how it SHOULD be).

The Number one thing I learned is your #1 enemy is SUGAR! Anything that spikes your blood sugar too fast which causes your liver to create insulin is bad. The reason why is it causes you to "crash" which only makes you more hungry, have more sugar cravings, and fatigue.

The #1 enemy is PROCESSED FOODS! Once again, it has sugar and harmful chemicals. The thing about these chemicals, is once again, it causes your liver to work harder which can create illness. It is really important to avoid artificial sweeteners(like high fructose corn syrup), hydrogenated oil, & processed soy products (that includes items like diet health bars and packaged meals).

The best things to eat contains only one or two ingredients = healthy, whole food eating!

BAD CARBS: Besides the obvious like white bread, etc...this includes whole wheat bread, grains, pastas, crackers and "healthy" cereals.
GOOD CARBS: Sprouted Grain Breads, rice bread, spelt bread, mullet, quinuoa, any fruits and veggies, and even sweet potatoes with a little bit of cinnamon and butter!

It is impossible to lose weight without fat! When you eat "good" fat, your metabolic rate increases and vice-versa.
BAD FATS: Hydrogenated Oils, canola, margarine, substitute butter (not reall food)
GOOD FATS: Real butter, olive oil, avacados, raw nuts, eggs, and coconut oil

The real truth is, the # of calories isn't as important as eating the right combinations of food.
You can actually eat MORE of th right foods.
Just don't go overboard and pig out. You definitely don't want to starve yourself. That equals your body going into "starvation" mode.