MY MEASUREMENTS (ugh or yay?)

I am going to try not to gag through this whole process.  I know this is the hard part and as i start to look and feel better, it will get easier. 

I am expected to do the following:
I will NOT weigh myself everyday.  At the least, maybe once a week.  I am not going to base my success on my pounds (yes i know that's what my original posting was focused on -- going from 150 to 165 -- but that is what "got my attention"). 

Sorry...the following I'm NOT going to post right now because I am so disgusted with myelf! I will be happy to post my original measurements when I get down to where I want to be...but for now, i'm keeping this to myself.


   1.  Frontal with arms down
   2.  Behind with arms up, flexing biceps
   3.  Side