Thursday, April 8, 2010


Anyhoo, Here is my workout for today which totaled 66 rear lunges lunges (with 12 pound weights standing on a stepper), 66 push-ups up (knees), 66 planks, and 66 mountain climbers and 81 biceps (i did a set of 15 afterwards for good measure). (Explanations of moves explained below)

5 minute warm-up (3.0 mph on treadmill and light stretching)

6 rear lunges
6 biceps
6 knee pushups
6 planks with mountain-climbers
**Do as many as you can**

I did one set (15 reps) of biceps with 12 pound weights

5 minute warm down (3.0 mph on treddy)

Watch the video of the workout HERE!

***My biceps are sore!!! And....I CANNOT BELIEVE i did that many pushups in 15 minutes! Doing 6 at a time then jumping to the next, then back to the original segment is perfectly short and long enough to keep those muscles challenged yet give them a tiny break....This is so unlike the hour-long weight lifting sessions i would only focus on one move at a time. I didn't incorporate 2 or 3 exercise moves into one -- why didn't I do this earlier? I feel such a huge difference in my soreness than when i just did basic weightlifting***

Mountain climbers: when i do my knee pushup, i stay in that position and then go into plank position (extend legs straight out). A mountain climber is when you bend one knee to your chest, bring it back out to pplank...then bend the other leg knee to your chest, then back to plank.

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